Diversified Employee Spotlight: Amin Fazal

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Amin Fazal was the 2017 R.B. Colborne Award of Excellence nominee for our Edmonton location. With his Positive Attitude and Dedicated demeanour, it is easy to see why he was a popular choice!

“Amin Fazal is the coach operator based out of the McIntyre shop in Edmonton. He demonstrates a concern for operational readiness each and every day. He is respected by all of those that interact with him. Each and every day he goes above and beyond. As one of the last drivers off of the site he constantly monitors the radio to make sure everyone gets home if there’s ever mention of a breakdown or issue, he is one of the first to offer assistance. Amin always stays until the job is completed always asking if there is anything else he can do while never once complaining.” - Quote from his R.B. Colborne nomination

Originally from Uganda, Amin immigrated with his family in 1973 on the second last plane out of the country when they had to flee persecution with none of their possessions. After moving to Canada, they eventually settled in Edmonton. In 1991, when Amin got his Class 1 License, he started working in the trucking industry, travelling from coast to coast. After a while of being on the road, he decided to spend more time with his family.

“I am a sports nut and wanted my kids to be the same, hockey, etc. when I went on the road, that stopped. I made a decision, I wanted to be around for my kids when they were young, not on the road, I can do that later.”

Amin has now been with Diversified for nine years and currently works as a coach operator in Edmonton. When Amin first started with us he was hired to the Scotford project. After one shift he was sent to Fort McMurray to work on a shutdown which, back then, he didn’t know anything about. He says that thankfully the Diversified drivers were all about Teamwork and “they were good and helped you out!” When Amin was told he was staying in a camp, he imagined real tents and was wondering how they were all going to survive in -50 degrees! Luckily, he actually stayed at the Barge Landing Suncor camp. Through the years he has changed positions but is now working on the InterPipeline (IPPL) contract.

”Dedication is one core value that Amin strongly displays. He always comes to work early, makes sure the buses start and will always volunteer for extra work. He always goes the extra mile, puts extra time and effort in each and every day. He is dedicated and loves the company and his job – and he is very good at it.” - Quote from his R.B. Colborne nomination

When asked what his most memorable experience at Diversified was Amin shared the following story:

“My biggest thrill at DTL was signing the first barrel of diesel at NWR, Ian MacGregor (Chairman of the Board, NWR) told me to sign the barrel and told me to make sure to put Diversified underneath it. That was the biggest thrill for me!”

Amin enjoys what he does and is highly Respected by his peers. He is always willing to lend a hand and Teamwork is one of his best traits.

“As far as I am concerned, Teamwork is the number one value. Not only here, but every place I have worked. Teamwork is the number one. My physics teacher when I went to NAIT said: ‘T.E.A.M. – together everyone achieves more’.”