Syncrude Site Shuttle Reaches Safety Milestone!

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Our Syncrude Site Shuttle team reached a significant Safety milestone recently with 1340 days "Incident Free & Counting"!

We have driven 2,675,280 KM and counting in this period!

"I am proud to be a part of the team that includes the Syncrude Site Shuttle Division. These operators represent all our Core Values and our commitment to Safely Home. Working on the plant site can be challenging due to the constantly changing environment, but this team works independently making the right decisions at the right time. This accomplishment of 1340 Days incident free is deserving of recognition and celebration. THANK YOU for all that you do!" - Anne Colbourne, Contract Manager, Syncrude

Congratulations to our entire hardworking team of operators!

Syncrude Site Shuttle team pictured left to right: Abdirahman H., Daniel O., Yusuf A., Hina C., Abdulnassir Y., Robert B., Hussen F., and Marilyn B. Missing: Thora J., Abdulahi (Kadafi) I., Abdulkadir A., and Michelle P.