Diversified Transportation Partners With Northwestern Polytechnic to Boost Driver Training

Local Partnerships Picking Up Speed2

Local Partnerships and donations from key local industries are helping Northwestern Polytechnic travel a great distance in a short amount of time.

Diversified Transportation Ltd., JDA Ventures and PVT Group of Companies were acknowledged on October 14th, 2022 as the most recent donors who have provided equipment donations that will boost training capacity for in-demand programming.

“The entrepreneurial ecosystem is indeed alive and well in Northern Alberta,” said NWP President and CEO, Justin Kohlman. “Many companies have indicated they would like us to produce more truck drivers and these companies have come forward to partner with us to make it happen.”

The three donations will enable NWP to train an additional 25 drivers per year.

"Continuing Education is very excited about the additions to our fleet,” said Michelle Wallace, Associate Dean, Continuing Education. “Not only does it assist us in providing much needed quality professional driver training instruction to more learners, but the donations also strengthen our strategic industry partnerships in the region. Both are important components for CE."

These recent contributions complement earlier donations that have enabled NWP to offer engineering across the region, grow student numbers in high demand programs and supported students to take part in opportunities to complete credentials around the world.

As a new polytechnic Institution, NWP Is constantly looking for ways to best align to the needs of industry across the region. Support from the community is helping make those successes happen faster than anticipated.

September 2022 marked the first increase in student enrolments since 2014.

“We are so fortunate to have a wonderful community that is eager to be a part of our exciting polytechnic future,” said External Relations Vice President, Cherene Griffiths. “With the benefit of industry insight, entrepreneurial expertise, and timely donations, we are continuing to evolve and grow.”

To learn more about NWP’s progress and program offerings please visit nwpolytech.ca.