Sammy Mujahid: 2020 R.B. Colborne Award of Excellence Recipient


We are proud to announce that this year's R.B. Colborne Award of Excellence recipient is Diversified Transportation's very own, Sammy Mujahid, Account Manager, Syncrude.

The R.B. Colborne Award of Excellence recognizes and celebrates employees who have made a significant contribution through a commitment to our Core Values — the same Core Values first instilled by company founder Robert Colborne.

Nominees are selected by their peers and then evaluated by a committee that chooses the top nominees in each business line for induction into the PWT President’s Club of Excellence. From these nominees, a single recipient is chosen by the Board of Directors to receive the R.B. Colborne Award of Excellence.


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Sammy began his career with Diversified,  Fort McMurray in 2010 as a Site Shuttle Operator. Later, the same year, he was promoted to Site Shuttle Dispatcher and then to Site Shuttle Supervisor in 2011. In 2013, he was made a Field Operations Manager for Site Shuttle. This was followed by a promotion to Senior Operations Manager, Syncrude and then as Contract Manager/Account Manager, Syncrude.

He is well respected by peers, management, clients and drivers alike and exemplifies all our Core Values. Sammy is a model for all of us.

His focus on Safety has been evident from the start. He has led the Site Shuttle division to multi-year zero-incident trends and the Syncrude contract has one of the best safety records in the Employee Transportation line of business. Recently, he led a “Turnaround” at Syncrude that went incident-free throughout its entirety (an impressive 167 days!).

Sammy’s focus on Customer Service has been exemplary. The customer trusts him implicitly and he has played a key role in transitioning Syncrude into more of a partner than a customer. He demonstrates a remarkable ability to plan, manage and administer the needs of the client. Nobody on the client ground transportation side does anything without first talking to Sammy and he has been praised by all levels of management at Syncrude. Sammy has established himself as a valuable asset and enhancing customer service is his priority.

He has been extremely resourceful in finding innovative solutions to problems. Recently, he helped pioneer the idea of a rolling safety meeting - helping to show our operators problem areas on our footprint and throughout town. He has also been extremely innovative in dealing with changing customer demands in the COVID-19 pandemic environment!

Sammy is the epitome of Integrity. Our customer trusts him implicitly as do his peers, the drivers and our leadership team. This trait ensures that the values, morals and beliefs that he lives and talks about are used in every aspect of his life. He will work tirelessly to honour any commitment, even if it means working nights or weekends.

Without fail, Sammy will do what is right. Clients and drivers know that if Sammy says he will get something done, it will be achieved. He takes an optimistic and emotionally intelligent approach when dealing with situations. Motivated, resilient and upbeat, Sammy does not exhibit negativity or display any indicators of being unmotivated or negative. Rather, his smile, positive personality and ‘can-do’ positive attitude are an example we should all aim to emulate. This is true even in the harshest of circumstances and during this tough year, he has consistently helped bolster the morale of his team! Nothing is impossible. If you want it, go for it, but you’ve got to work for it.

Sammy always thinks of the team and when talking about the safety record of his contract, it is never “my” safety record, but always “our” safety record. He has also helped mentor new account managers, team leads and managers while ensuring that his work is unaffected. Harnessing the power of his team comes first with Sammy. He always gives credit to others and never himself. His ability to communicate, share his knowledge, experience and vision and to collaborate with his team has been essential in achieving better results and outcomes.

As a loyal employee of over ten (10) years, Sammy rejects any attempt to recruit him by other employers. He is not interested, as he is dedicated and committed to his work with Diversified and proud to be a member of this organization.

If he makes a mistake, he takes immediate action to fix the issue. He is accountable and recently held a ‘Safety Stand Down’ (a meeting to talk directly to employees about safety and also reinforce implemented policies) when his contract had some issues with contact incidents. Here, he did not place blame but worked with his drivers to look for solutions. Sammy diligently manages and directs his team of drivers and does a great job managing a respected and important client. He does this with absolute honesty, does not hide mistakes, but points them out, looking for lessons learned.

Sammy gives and gets respect from peers, leadership and clients. Our client respects his opinion and will consult him prior to making any significant move. He is always professional when dealing with clients or employees and even when he is extremely busy, will still offer a kind word or advice to anyone who needs it.

Demonstrating a strong work ethic, he is a role model for other employees. Sammy shows perseverance and does not hesitate to work a weekend or long hours if required.

With the introduction of ‘OnDemand’, the recently completed ‘Turnaround’ (or even to lend a hand with our recent pothole paving project!), Sammy shows that he is one of the most dedicated individuals. His workload can be considerable, but he never complains or laments this… he ‘puts his nose to the grindstone and gets the job done, all the time and every time!

Sammy is being recognized for exhibiting and living our Core Values as well as for his professional contributions. As R.B. Colborne often reminded us; “our people are our greatest asset, it’s because of them that we are leaders in the industry”.

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