Driver training: Inside Diversified's world-class training program

From the day we first opened for business, safety has been our number one priority.  At Diversified Transportation, safety starts with making sure that our coaches and buses are well maintained and in excellent working condition.  But that’s not where we stop.  The driver behind the wheel is responsible for the safety of everyone on the coach and that’s why we only hire the best drivers and then put them through a rigorous training plan.

However, creating a world class driver training program doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not as easy as it seems. The Pacific Western (PWT) Centre for Innovation and Excellence resulted from our drive to promote safety and training excellence for our drivers. The centre is accredited through the Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada (MCPCC) and provides training for all of our transit related divisions. Since opening in 2008, nearly a thousand of our drivers have graduated under Certified Instructors from the MCPCC and Alberta Transportation. We created programs for Winter and Night Driving, Driver Education, Fatigue Management, and Health and Safety prepare our drivers for the roads ahead.

Driver Training

All of our drivers undergo extensive training programs to help you get home safely.

  • Coach drivers go through the most comprehensive driver training program in North America to hone their driving skills and familiarity with routes and pick up sites.  
  • Site Service drivers devote two weeks to becoming familiar with their routes and pick up sites, as well as perfecting their driving skills.
  • All drivers learn at our National Training Centre from accredited professional driver trainers. Diversified also uses these trainers to aid its Fort McMurray training department.

Ongoing Training

After a driver completes their initial training, they continue to be monitored and provided ongoing training to further refine and increase their skill level. In fact, each of our drivers experience regular evaluation rides during their first year of driving with us. We go with them on these rides to help them address improper habits early on.

After their first year of employment, our drivers enroll in continuing education to help them stay on top of their game. They study things like driver improvement, customer relations, fatigue management, and winter driving on a regular basis. This ensures our drivers are always improving so that they can give you exceptional service.

Mobile Training Unit

When designing our driver training program it was important to do as much simulation of real world conditions as possible.  You can’t teach someone how to drive a coach in a classroom so we developed a Mobile Training Unit made specifically with your safety in mind.

The unit offers enhanced collision avoidance training through simulating conditions unique to our Fort McMurray and Oil Sands sites. The unit also has the following features:

  • Reconstructs real accident conditions
  • Housed in a full-sized motor coach, complete with three screens to give drivers a 180-degree view of the road like those in our coaches and buses
  • Comes with customizable driving modes for full vehicle control, brake and accelerator applications to help drivers experience a number of scenarios they are likely to encounter on the road.

From our initial screening of drivers, throughout our extensive training process and beyond, our focus is on providing everything necessary to help make our drivers the best they can be and to help each team member succeed.  Only then, can we provide our passengers with a safe ride and provide the highest level of service quality we can possibly give. It’s all part of our desire to make Diversified Transportation a company thought of for safety first.

If you’re looking for a safe workforce transportation solution for your business, consider booking a coach with us today.