Diversified Steps Up to Assist in the Evacuation of Fort Chipewyan


On May 30th, the Northern community of Fort Chipewyan was evacuated due to several wildfires in the area. The Hamlet, part of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, is inaccessible by road most of the year, so flights were arranged using Oil Sands aircraft and a C-130 from the Canadian Military.


Both Suncor and the Regional Municipality reached out to see if Diversified could assist in transporting evacuees to hotels in town and camp locations in the area. As always, we answered the call and dispatched a dozen buses which all helped ensure that the evacuees reached a safe location.


Thanks to our dedicated drivers: Brahim Ammar, Harold Gray, Salah Abdurehim, Mahmoud Estaki, Raheel Joseph, Stephanie Arcand, Gary Osborn, Mote Disasa, Mohamed S Mohamed and Salaheldin Elereyatty, who all put their hands up and did not hesitate to get into their buses (some in the dead of night!) to ensure the evacuees got to safety.

Also, a huge thank you to Lori Astley, who worked tirelessly into the wee hours of the morning to ensure all was in place, and Moe Mujahid, who took over from Lori to make certain the task was completed.

In situations such as these, Diversified shows its commitment to the community and our Core Values and makes all of us proud that we work here. Well done all!