Diversified's 2021 Bowie Sustainable Leadership Award Nominees


The Bowie Sustainable Leadership Award recognizes the valuable and sustaining leadership work that Douglas Bowie has provided to the Corporation’s employees spanning two decades. The Award is presented annually to an employee who has made a significant contribution in building leadership capacity within the Pacific Western Group of Companies.


As the company’s chief leadership architect Doug developed and facilitated countless employee and management leadership programs focused on strengthening formal and informal leadership.Bowie’s academic work and research concluded that three SubSystems (Functional, Relational, Structural) are inextricably linked to leadership development. This model is informally known as KNOWBEDO - representing the essential elements that sustain the life of the Leadership System.


We would like to give a special congratulations to the nominees from our Employee Transportation Division:

Murray Esau 5x7 A2

Murray Esau
Account Manager, Fort Hills
Diversified Transportation Ltd.
Fort McMurray, AB

When there is work to be done, Murray always does what’s necessary to complete the task at hand. It doesn’t matter the hour or day or if it is a weekend, he is there to answer any questions and is ready to help.

Murray demonstrates our Core Values in all of his daily interactions and as the Account Manager, he has shown great leadership. He has nurtured and developed our client relationship and built a great team of; managers, lead hands, drivers and support personnel, while delivering on many projects and overcoming challenges.

Read Murray's Full Nomination Here

Abdigani Molo Hassan 5x7 A

Abdigani (Molo) Hassan
Field Safety Operations Manager
Diversified Transportation Ltd.
Edmonton, AB

Molo is a strong advocate of our Core Values and is known to continually reference them in almost every conversation with drivers. He communicates safety every day and ensures those around him are engaged and empowered to feel the same way that he does about our Core Values.

Read Abdigani's Full Nomination Here

Samir Issa 5x7 A

Samir Issa
Coach Operator
Diversified Transportation Ltd.
Edmonton, AB

Samir has demonstrated strong leadership skills and regardless of how unexpected the situation may be, is up to the challenge. He has demonstrated his ability to represent his co-workers and at times, when senior management has not been available, has been able to take the reins and handle situations as they arose.

Read Samir's Full Nomination Here

James Maloney 5x7 A

James Maloney
Field Safety Operations Manager
Diversified Transportation Ltd.
Edmonton, Fort McMurray & Fort Mckay, AB

Jim promotes our Core Values daily, taking advantage of any learning opportunities with the team to review situations and see what Core Value was impacted.

While reviewing an incident with a driver who made some poor choices, he took the time to review how one incident can impact our KPIs, client relationship, accountability and our reputation. By taking the time to do this, James helped the driver understand our daily business, goals and expectations. Providing an explanation helped show how we maintain the work we have now and increase our opportunities for future work.

Read James' Full Nomination Here

Mohamed Mujahid 5x7 A

Mohamed Mujahid
Operations Manager
Diversified Transportation Ltd.
Fort Hills, AB

Mohamed has been at Fort Hills for nearly three (3) years and consistently embraces Our Core Values. His Safety record is spotless and he provides top notch customer service by going above and beyond when dealing with our client. His resourcefulness and teamwork are evident in making the service at Fort Hills run smoothly even when challenged with equipment and driver shortages.

Read Mohamed's Full Nomination Here


David Richards 5x7 A

David Richards
General Manager
Diversified Transportation Ltd.
Fort McMurray, AB

As a dedicated leader, David prioritizes and has championed success for the team. He is exceptionally proud of his team and their achievements.

Through extraordinary service delivery, integrity and dedication he and his world-class team are leaders because of their commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service. David’s work and communication with the employees reflect Our Core Values, which he embodies.

Read David's Full Nomination Here

Francis Roberts 5x7 A

Francis Roberts
Lead Hand and Operations Supervisor
Diversified Transportation Ltd.
Fort Nelson, BC

Francis takes care of the Fort Nelson, BC division like it’s his own. He lives Our Core Values and his customer service, dedication and loyalty are often talked about by the School District and the drivers he works alongside. Respected and accountable, Francis’ positive attitude is infectious to those around him.

Read Francis' Full Nomination Here