RAP Students with Diversified

Diversified has had the great pleasure to host students from the Registered Apprenticeship Program in association with Careers: The Next Generation. This has been a long-term partnership that has been going on for a few years, and it gives adolescents the opportunity to learn many trades, like mechanics.
Crystal Boers, the Program Director at CNG, had the following to say about our important role in the partnership:
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"We are so grateful for our partnership with Diversified – from placements to sponsoring transportation to exploration events to welcoming students into the facility to explore or gain experience in the trades. Diversified and CAREERS have been long-time partners – helping grow local apprentices for numerous years. Despite the pandemic, Diversified stands strong to their commitment to helping local youth learn, grow and find their passion. Just this past year, the company provided opportunities for 16 local high school students to start their apprenticeships through the Registered Apprenticeship Program(RAP). In addition to RAP, Diversified supports the long-standing CAREERS CO-OP Apprenticeship Program. Thank you to all the Journeypersons that have mentored all these students– this genuine guidance is an incredible part of their learning path and without your patience and commitment to passing on your knowledge, it would be impossible for the program to succeed.--

--Chris Thor, Jenna Scott and Rhonda Lockyer have been incredible ambassadors within the company. Each has played instrumental roles in planning and executing the Young Women in Trades mentorship series and summer camp, Tour of the Trades exploration excursions and the many celebrations we’ve hosted for our stakeholders. Also, they’ve provided their advice at local steering committee meetings for many years. Many hours have gone into making this program successful."

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Diversified is thrilled with the opportunity to motivate today's growing minds and spark them with an interest in what keeps all of us going, There could very well have been future Diversified mechanics in this year's group of apprentices!