On October 1st, we gathered together for a celebration of sorts. Although this dinner marked the end of one of our divisions, we also had reason to celebrate. We had to say goodbye to our site shuttle division, with the last day of service on September 30th. 

This decision was client-based and was strictly due to cost-saving measures and nothing to do with our excellent service and safety record on this work. Since taking over this in 2008, the site service team has taken pride in providing scheduled and on demand service for the Syncrude site and Fort McKay. 

This division was also, statistically speaking, our safest running division, with an astounding total of 1340 days incident-free at one point. It was also recognized for other lengthy durations of safe service. 

On October 1st, we celebrated the team to thank them for all their hard work. We are also delighted that some of them could stay with us in other divisions. We want to extend a special congratulations to Marilyn Bigstone, who will be retiring after 29 years of service in this division.

Thank you to the Syncrude Site Shuttle team!