Abdigani Hassan, Site Manager at Fort Hills, recently accompanied students from MAC Islamic School in Edmonton, on a visit to the Edmonton Food Bank. He sent President Tim Lindsay the following letter expressing appreciation for Diversified Transportation’s involvement in helping these kids fulfill their act of giving back to their community.

Good afternoon Tim,

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude on behalf of MAC Islamic School for your invaluable assistance during our recent trip to the Edmonton Food Bank. 

On February 9th, I had the privilege of accompanying the students from grades 10 and 11 on their first trip to the food bank, organized by the school. Your support in facilitating this outing was instrumental, and I’m pleased to convey the heartfelt appreciation of both the students and faculty members, including the Principal.

Your willingness to assist, with transportation did not go unnoticed. The students were genuinely touched by your kindness and professionalism, and they are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet you in person one of these days. 

I was delighted to share with them that Diversified is not only a service provider but also an integral part of our community, extending support beyond MAC Islamic School. Your commitment to our community does not go unnoticed, and we are sincerely grateful for your ongoing support.

Please share our gratitude to the team for their unwavering assistance and support throughout this endeavor. On behalf of MAC Islamic School and everyone involved, I extend our sincerest thanks for making this trip possible. We truly appreciate your continued assistance and look forward to future collaborations.

Thank you, all your help is greatly appreciated,

Abdigani Hassan