On April 11th, our Diversified Dual Fuel unit made an appearance at SAIT for a Net Zero event which was attended by industry stakeholders.

In 2022, Diversified Transportation, partnered with Diesel Tech Industries and retrofitted a 2017 Prevost Motorcoach with a Volvo D13 engine with the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System to blend hydrogen with diesel fuel, significantly reducing harmful emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency.

We are happy to report that we now have emissions testing results! This test used a CO2 and NOx Emission Tester to collect and validate the data, working with a team from the University of Alberta to provide insight to the testing. This emission testing was completed with an ambient temperature of 0°C and resulted in the following: 

It has been very interesting to witness the trajectory of this project which went from an idea to a reality with great growth and potential. We are excited with the progress to this point and look forward to further developments and even better results.