On May 8th, several members of our leadership team took the opportunity to visit with our teams north of town at Fort Hills, Kearl and Fort McKay. We all agree it’s unfortunate that we don’t get out to visit these locations nearly enough. But there is one thing to be said – every person who makes the trip comes back with one big takeaway – the positive energy and cohesiveness of these teams is palpable. 

Our first stop was Fort Hills. There’s a bit of story to be shared here, as we delivered soccer jerseys to the Diversified Fort Hills soccer team. This team has been brought together by team captain Ally Salum and has been running for the past couple of years.

There was a comment made about how it would be nice to have the team look more official, so we hatched a plan to get them team jerseys with numbers coinciding with their seniority. There will be more to come on this story as we meet again with the team once all jerseys have been distributed and we can catch them in action.

Our second stop was Kearl. It had been a while since I personally had been there to visit and certainly not since the relocation of the team. This was a wonderful way to bring everyone together and have a bit of an introduction to members of our leadership team.

Some new Kearl team members had never met some of the DTL leadership group, so it was a unique opportunity for them to get an update from our President Tim Lindsay.  It was great to see such a strong turnout and the level of engagement through the question period. Thank you to Walter Makey and Christie Zacher for setting the visit up for us.

Our last stop prior to heading back to town was our Fort McKay shop. Once again, it had been several years since I had been out to visit the shop.

It was truly impressive to see all the ‘moving parts’ and the hard work being put in by the maintenance teams to get our units ready for the Lake Louise project due to start up again on May 17thFrom the efficiencies in the parts room, to the work on the floor, in the engine bay and in the paint booth the shop was buzzing with activity. This team is ensuring our equipment looks its best and doing so in an efficient and effective manner.  

This team is ensuring our equipment looks its best and doing so in an efficient and effective manner. Thank you, Steve Coleman, Ryan Chandler and all the techs and body shop personnel on teams 1, 2, 3 and 4 for making it all look so easy and seamless.