On May 9th, we held our Safety Awards Breakfast in Fort McMurray and it was an honour to be able to celebrate with our teams those who achieved the various milestones. We awarded 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years of safe work with Diversified – to put it into perspective, what this means is:

Recognition for a full work year without:

  • Personal Injury; or
  • Preventable Collision

In total, there were 60 recipients. Not all were able to join us, but the numbers speak to the quality employees we have:

  • 2,078,520 safe work hours
  • 173,220 safe work days
  • 346,440 safe trips home

Click the video below for a slideshow of this terrific event!

There were two additional awards given out at this event – one was the Safety Person of the Year which went to Clayton MacDonald from the Fort McKay shop who always promotes safety by filling out near miss observation and hazard identification reports. From October 2023 to December 2023 Clayton had filled out 20 Near Miss Safety Concerns – great job Clayton!

The ‘Going Above and Beyond’ award this year was presented to Emad Abbas who came up with an idea to ensure operators stay focused and keep their mind on task from the beginning to the end of their shift.  His idea was taken created into a bus back cap so that it’s a reminder to everyone whether they are a coach operator or pedestrian to ensure everyone gets #Safely Home. Emad has been with Diversified since  2008 and we truly appreciate his dedication and focus on safety.

Congratulations to all – thank you for making us stand out above the rest through your diligent efforts.